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Mil Mi-14 (Haze)

Length: 60.30ft (18.38m)
Width: 0.00ft (0.00m)
Height: 22.74ft (6.93m)

Max Speed: 143mph (230kmh; 124kts)
Max Range: 497miles (800km)
Climb Rate: Not Available
Ceiling: 13,123ft (4,000m; 2.5miles)

Accommodation: 2 + 32
Hardpoints: 2
Empty Weight: 19,621lbs (8,900kg)
MTOW: 29,542lbs (13,400kg)

Engine(s): 2 x Isotov TV3-117M turboshaft engines developing 1,950shp each and driving five-blade main rotor and three-blade tail rotor.

Weapons Suite:
Depending on version, can include torpedoes, depth charges, air-to-surface missiles and depth bombs.

Bulgaria, Cuba, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany (East), Libya, North Korea, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia.

V-14 - Prototype Model Designation
Mi-14PL "Haze A" - Dedicated Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Model.
Mi-14PL "Shrike" - Air-to-Surface Attack Variant
Mi-14PLM - Anti-Submarine Warfare Variant
Mi-14BT "Haze B" - Dedicated Mine Sweeper
Mi-14PS "Haze C" - Dedicated Search and Rescue (SAR)Model.
Mi-14PX - Search and Rescue (SAR) Trainer Platform
Mi-14PZh - Firefighting Variant based on the Mi-14BT model; amphibious.
Mi-14PZh "Eliminator" - Firefighting Variant based on the Mi-14BT model.
Mi-14GP - Civilian Passenger Transport Variant
Mi-14P - Civilian Passenger Transport Variant; seating for up to 24 passengers.
Mi-14PW - Polish Designation of Mi-14PL model series.

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