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Agusta Westland A 129 Mangusta (Mongoose)

Length: 40.29ft (12.28m)
Width: 10.50ft (3.20m)
Height: 10.99ft (3.35m)

Max Speed: 183mph (294kmh; 159kts)
Max Range: 62miles (100km)
Climb Rate: 2,030 ft/min
Ceiling: 15,502ft (4,725m; 2.9miles)

Accommodation: 2
Hardpoints: 4
Empty Weight: 5,578lbs (2,530kg)
MTOW: 9,039lbs (4,100kg)

Engine(s): 2 x Rolls-Royce Gem 2 Mk 1004D turboshaft engines generating 825shp and driving four blade main rotor and two-blade tail rotor.

Weapons Suite:
Mission-specific ordnance may include any of the following:
A 129 Mangusta
2 x 12.7mm machine guns
8 x TOW 2 / TOW 2A anti-tank missiles
2 x 7/19 Shot Rocket Pods
Stinger air-to-air missiles
A 129 Mangusta "International":
1 x 20mm cannon
2 x Rocket Pods
8 x TOW 2 / TOW 2A anti-tank missiles
Stinger air-to-air missiles

A 129 Mangusta - Base Production Model Designation.
A 129 Mangusta "Combat" - Standardized Mangusta model series.
A 129 Mangusta "International" - Export Model Designation; fitted with LHTEC T800 turboshaft engines; optional 20mm three-barrel cannon in undernose turret.

Designation: Agusta Westland A 129 Mangusta (Mongoose)
Classification Type: Medium Multirole Attack / Reconnaissance Helicopter
Contractor: Agusta - Italy
Country of Origin: Italy
Initial Year of Service: 1990
Number Built: 60

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