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Kamov Ka-25 (Hormone)

Length: 31.99ft (9.75m)
Width: 0.00ft (0.00m)
Height: 17.62ft (5.37m)

Max Speed: 130mph (209kmh; 113kts)
Max Range: 249miles (400km)
Climb Rate: Not Available
Ceiling: 10,997ft (3,352m; 2.1miles)

Accommodation: 2 + 12
Hardpoints: 0
Empty Weight: 10,505lbs (4,765kg)
MTOW: 16,535lbs (7,500kg)

Engine(s): 2 x Glushenkov GTD-3F turboshaft engines delivering 900shp driving 2 x 3-bladed coaxial main rotors.

Weapons Suite:
Depends on mission type (SAR or ASW). Mission-Specific ordnance held in an internal weapons bay or external box. May include:
2 x air-to-surface torpedoes
Nuclear Depth Charges
Conventional Depth Charges

India, Syria, Ukraine and the Soviet Union (Russia).

Ka-20 - Initial Model Development and basis for Ka-25 design.
Ka-25 - Production Model Designation
Ka-25PL "Hormone-A"
Ka-25T "Hormone-B" - Target Acquisition and Missile Guidance Variant.
Ka-25PS "Hormone-C" - Dedicated Search and Rescue (SAR) Variant; passenger ready.
Ka-25BSh - Primary Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Model.
Ka-25BShZ - Mine Sweeper Tow

Designation: Kamov Ka-25 (Hormone)
Classification Type: Anti-Submarine Helicopter
Contractor: Kamov - Soviet Union
Country of Origin: Soviet Union
Initial Year of Service: 1966
Number Built: 460

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