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MH-6 Little Bird

General characteristics
•Crew: 2
•Length: 32.6 ft (9.80 m)
•Rotor diameter: 27.4 ft (8.30 m)
•Height: 9.8 ft (3.0 m)
•Empty weight: 1,591 lb (722 kg)
•Useful load: 1,509 lb (684 kg)
•Max takeoff weight: 3,100 lb (1,406 kg)
•Powerplant: 1× One Allison T63-A-5A or T63-A-700 turboshaft, 650 hp (485 kW)- full rated power
•Power, derated: for takeoff: 425 shp (317 kW); continuous: 375 shp (280 kW)
•Fuselage Length: 24.6 ft (7.50 m)
•Fuselage Width: 4.6 ft (1.4 m)
•Rotor systems: 6 blades on main rotor, 4 blades on tail rotor
•Useful Fuel capacity: 62 U.S. gal (242 L) or 403 lb (183 kg)

•Maximum speed: 152 knots (175 mph, 282 km/h)
•Cruise speed: 135 knots (155 mph, 250 km/h)
•Range: 232 nmi (430 km, 267 mi) at 5,000 ft
•Service ceiling: 18,700 ft (5,700 m)
•Rate of climb: 2,061 ft/min (10.5 m/s)

•Guns: Two 7.62 mm M134 Minigun; Two .50 cal (12.7 mm) GAU-19
•Rockets: Two 2.75 in (70 mm) Hydra 70 rocket pods
•Missiles: Four Hellfire missiles


•AH-6C: Special Forces attack version. Modified OH-6A to carry weapons and operate as a light attack aircraft for the 160th SOAR(A).
•EH-6E: Special Forces electronic warfare, command-post version.
•MH-6E: Improved attack helicopter used by US Army special forces units, and stealthy light attack and transport helicopter for US Army special forces units.
•AH-6F: Special Forces attack version.
•AH-6G: Special Forces attack version.
•MH-6H: Special Forces version.
•AH/MH-6J: Improved special forces transport and attack versions. Updated light attack helicopter based on the MD 530MG and equipped with an improved engine, FLIR, and a GPS/inertial navigation system.
•AH/MH-6M: Also occasionally referred to as the Mission Enhanced Little Bird (MELB), it is a highly modified version of the MD 530 series commercial helicopter.
•A/MH-6X: An AH/MH-6M MELB helicopter modified for use as a UAV. It builds upon experienced gained through development of the Unmanned Little Bird (ULB) Demonstrator, which is a civil MD 530F modified for autonomous UAV flight.

Role: Light observation helicopter
Manufacturer: MD Helicopters
Status: Active service
Primary user: United States Army
Developed from: OH-6 Cayuse
Variants: MD 500 Defender; Boeing AH-6

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