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Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne

Designation: Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne
Classification Type: Attack Helicopter Prototype
Contractor: Lockheed - USA
Country of Origin: United States
Initial Year of Service: 1967
Number Built: 10
Length: 60.04ft (18.30m)
Width: 25.92ft (7.90m)
Height: 13.78ft (4.20m)

Max Speed: 245mph (395kmh; 213kts)
Max Range: 629miles (1,013km)
Climb Rate: 3,420 ft/min (1,042 m/min)
Ceiling: 25,997ft (7,924m; 4.9miles)

Accommodation: 2
Hardpoints: 4
Empty Weight: 11,718lbs (5,315kg)
MTOW: 16,995lbs (7,709kg)

Engine(s): 1 x General Electric T64-GE-16 turbine engine generating 3,435hp.

Weapons Suite:
1 x XM51 40mm grenade launcher OR 1 x XM53 7.62mm gatling minigun mounted in a chin-turret assembly.
1 x XM52 30mm automatic cannon mounted in a belly turret.

Fuselage mounted armaments were to include:
TOW anti-tank missiles
XM200 2.75 inch rocket launcher pods

the United States of America

AH-56A - Base Prototype Series Model Designation of which ten were produced before project was officially and completely cancelled

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