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Specifications: T-72

Length: 22.80ft (6.95m)
Width: 11.78ft (3.59m)
Height: 7.28ft (2.22m)

Speed: 42mph (67km/h)
Range: 300miles (483km)

Crew: 3
Weight: 50.7 US Short Tons (46,000kg)

NBC Protection: Yes
Nightvision: Yes - Infrared

Engine(s): 1 x V-84 V-12 Piston air-cooled multi-fuel diesel engine generating 840hp @ 2,000rpm.

Armament & Ammunition:
1 x 125mm main gun
1 x 12.7mm machine gun
1 x 7.62mm coaxial machine gun
2 x 6 smoke grenade dischargers
45 x 125mm projectiles
300 x 12.7mm ammunition
2,000 x 7.62mm ammunition
12 x smoke grenades

T-72 - Base production model
T-72K - Commander's Base-version Vehicle
T-72A - Various modifications
T-72AK - Commander's A-version Vehicle
T-72AV - Features explosive reactive armor
T-72M - Export model of T72A
T-72M1 - Additional armor; Modernized variant
T-72B - Additional turret armor
T-72BK - Commander's B-version Vehicle
T-72B1 - Sans anti-tank launcher
T-72S - Export variant of T72B model
T-72S1 - Export variant of T72B1 model
T-72BM - Features updated explosive reactive armor.
P-T91 - Polish-produced T72
TR-125 - Romamian-produced T72
M-84 Degmen - Croatian-produced T72
T-72 155mm - Trialed
T-72 120mm - Trialed
MTU-72 AVLB - Bridgelayer
BREM-1 - Armored Recovery Vehicle
IMR-2 - Battlefield Engineering Vehicle
BMR-3M - Anti-mine Vehicle
BMPT - Armor Support Vehicle
T-72M4 CZ

Designation: T-72
Classification Type: Main Battle Tank
Contractor: Chelybinsk, Nizhnyi Tagil and Kirov - Russia
Country of Origin: Soviet Union
Initial Year of Service: 1974
Number Built: Not Available

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