Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

Denel AH-2 Rooivalk (Kestrel)

Length: 61.45ft (18.73m)
Width: 51.12ft (15.58m)
Height: 17.03ft (5.19m)

Max Speed: 173mph (278kmh; 150kts)
Max Range: 438miles (705km)
Climb Rate: 2,620 ft/min
Ceiling: 20,000ft (6,096m; 3.8miles)

Crew: 2
Hardpoints: 6 (including wingtip mounts)
Empty Weight: 12,632lbs (5,730kg)
MTOW: 19,290lbs (8,750kg)

Engine(s): 2 x Turbomeca Makila 1K2 turboshaft engines generating 1,845shp each and driving a four-blade main rotor and a five-blade tail rotor.

Weapons Suite: 1 x 20mm Armscor F2 cannon (chin mounted turret)
Mission-specific ordnance can include any of the following:
16 x ZT6 Mokopa anti-tank missiles
70mm rocket launching pods
Mistral infrared homing air-to-air missiles (on wingtip mounts)

Operator: South Africa

XH-1 - Alpha concept demonstrator based on the French-built Alouette III design.
XTP-1 Beta - French-built Puma helicopters modified as gunships for evaluation and testing.
XH-2 "Rooivalk" - Initial Prototype Designation
XDM (eXperimental Development Model) - A redesignation of the XH-2 prototype; avionics and weapons development platform.
EDM (Engineering Developmental Model) - Production Evaluation Model.
CSH-2 - Initial Production Model Designation
AH-2 - Redesignation of the CSH-2 Production Model occurring in 1998.

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