Senin, 03 Agustus 2009

Jeanne d'Arc (R 97)

Designation: Jeanne d'Arc (R 97)
Classification Type: Conventionally-Powered Helicopter Cruiser
Ship Class: Jeanne d'Arc (CVH)
Country of Origin: France
Initial Year of Service: 1964
Number in Class: 1

Length: 597ft (181.97m)
Beam: 79ft (24.08m)
Draught: 25ft (7.62m)

Surface Speed: 26kts (30mph)
Submerged Speed: 0kts (0mph)
Range: (12,070km)

Complement: 777
Displacement: 10,575tons

Engine(s): 4 x turbines producing 10,000hp each.

Weapons Suite:
6 x Exocet 38 surface-to-surface anti-ship missiles
2 x 100mm cannons (initially 4 turrets)
4 x 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine guns

Air Arm:
Up to ten aircraft that can include any of the following:
2 x Aerospatiale Puma Helicopters
2 x Aerospatiale Gazelle Helicopters
2 x Alouette III Helicopters
8 x Super Frelon Helicopters

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