Selasa, 31 Maret 2009


Batalyon Raiders (Raiders Battalions) were inaugurated on December 22, 2003. The first ten battalions that are Raiders-qualified were formed from eigth Kodam's (Military Territorial Command) assault infantry battalions and two Kostrad's non-airborne infantry battalions.

Each Raiders battalion has a strength of 747 personnels. They receive six-month intensive education and special trainings on modern combat, anti-guerilla, and conventional war. Each battalion is trained to have the combat ability of three regular infantry battalion, like combat ambush and air mobility (i.e. jump from helicopter).

To increase its combat ability, 50 personnel from each battalion will be trained further by Kopassus (Indonesian Army Special Force) on anti-terror and other special combat technique.

The ten new Raiders battalion are:
Yonif Linud 100 Bukit Barisan becomes Yonif 100/Raider Kodam Bukit Barisan;
Yonif 145/Bhakti Nagara becomes Yonif 200/Raider Kodam Sriwijaya;
Yonif 327 becomes Yonif 300/Raider Kodam Siliwangi;
Yonif 401 Banteng Raider becomes Yonif 400/Raider Kodam Diponegoro;
Yonif 507/Sikatan becomes Yonif 500/Raider Kodam Brawijaya;
Yonif Linud 612/Modang becomes Yonif 600/Raider Kodam Tanjungpura;
Yonif Linjud 700 Wira Yudha Sakti becomes Yonif 700/Raider Kodam Wirabuana;
Yonif 741/ Satya Bhakti becomes Yonif 900/Raider Kodam Udayana;
Yonif 323/ Buaya Putih Kostrad becomes Yonif 232/Raider divisi 1 Kostrad;
Yonif 412/Bharata Eka Sakti Kostrad menjadi Yonif 412/Raider divisi 2 Kostrad.

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