Rabu, 24 Juni 2009

I.A.F (Israeli Air Force)

Armamment: F15E (Baz 2000-upgraded), F15I, F4 (retired), F4-2000 (retired), A4 (retired), F16A/B/C/D, F16I, Kfir (I think it has also retired). C-130, Arava, Boeing 707, Queen air, TB20, A-36. Sea-scan, King air, 707 AWACS (Phalcon). G-120A, Tzukit. Apache, Apache Longbow, Eurocopter Panther, Blackhawk, HH-65A, AH-1, Bell 212, Bell 206, Yasu'ur 2000 (CH53-upgraded model). And tons of UAVs that aren't even listed on the IAF site.

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