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Attack Helicopter MI-28 Havoc

Dimesions (mm): 17,0props/21,0 x ?
Maximum speed (km/h): 300
Alt.: 5800
Weight (kg): 10400
Engine: 2 GTD, TV3-117VMA , 2 x 1'619 kwt
APU for self -contained operation
Range (km): 460
Armament: 16/AT Shturm (r: 8 km) or Ataka (target hit= 0.96, 3-6 km)
AA fire-and-forget missiles
80 NURS (80 mm unguided missiles) or 20 (120 mm)
grenade launchers
(altern.:23 mm guns (12,7+ 7,62 MG))
30mm DP 2A42 (m.vel. 1000 m/sec)
Fire Control System: 2 optical channels: w/n fields of view optic. television channel (move synchroniz ated with gun fire control sys 110 degr. azimuth, +13 -40 elev)
built-in laser range finder
airborn digital computer
helmet mounted target destingator
Crew: 2
Mi-28 initially reflected and was developed as the two-place battle helicopter. The founders of this machine are convinced - above a field of fight of the visible future of advantage will save two-place helicopters. The reachings of developers are reputable, the idea of the monadic helicopter is extremely tempting, but to sell it without damage to battleefficiency it will be possible only for want of qualitatively new level of automation of flight. The first flight Mi-28 has executed in December, 1982. The new machine at once has shown itself as a high-power battle means of the ladies of search and erasure of various battle engineering. And first of all of tanks, BMP. The experts consider, that on battle efficiency Gc-28 exceeds foreign battle helicopters, including is wide knownAmerican Ak-64 "Apache". The helicopter is armed E0-mm with a gun similar by that is installed on battle machines of infantry. It has two rates of shooting - 800 and 300 shells one minute. And the shells are unified with overland. Except for a gun, in an arsenal MI-28 a controlled rocket "Sturm" or "Attack" of a class "air - surface" and four blocks of unguided jet shells of calibre 80 and 130 mm.

On four points of the suspension the containers with bazookas, guns of calibre of 23 mm, and also bomb of calibre up to 500 kgs and other ammunition can fasten. The helicopter is equipped with the adaptation for statement a min. Search, recognition of the purpose and induction of the weapon are carried out with the help of of combined optical-aim station. It has two optical and one optics - television channel (according to three, thirteen and by 20x magnification). It is important to notice, that a sight and gun work synchronously. Their mobility on an azimuth 110deg, on an angle of a place + 13d - 40d. Applies the controlled weapon the navigation officer - operator, which places in a forward cabin. The commander of crew ensures a piloting of the machine at extreme small height (mainly 5-15 meters) and conducts a light from the unguided weapon. If necessary pilot also can control a sight and gun. For this purpose there is special helmet system of target destination, which ensures a turn of a gun in that party, where the pilot looks. The important dignity Mi-28 - it high battle survival. On this parameter about a Nim any helicopter of the world can not compete. It is the unique helicopter have completely armoured pilot cabin, armoured glas of a cabin the direct hit of bullets of calibre up to 12,7 mm, and also splinters of shells maintains. On Mi-28 shielding the vital elements less vital is widely applied.
The drives, for example, are carried so, that between them the main reduction gearbox has gone in. The blades of bearing and tail screws are executed completely from composite materials distinguished by high residual strength for want of damages, many aggregates and systems of the helicopter are duplicated. On the machine the original and reliable system of a passive guard of crew ensuring a survival to the pilots for want of origin of an emergency on small and extreme small heights, for want of impact about ground with a vertical velocity up to 12 m/s is applied. It a basis is made not removed in flight with the chassis with two-chamber amortisation proof. If the emergency has arisen at large height, the pilots can abandon the machine with the parachute. That on Mi-28 there is a special technical compartment, in which two persons are easily placed, it can be used for an evacuation from a field of fight of shot crew of the helicopter.

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