Kamis, 26 Maret 2009


Type :Heavy machine gun
Place of origin :United States
Service history:
In service :unknown
Production history:
Designer :General Dynamics/Joint Services Small Arms Program
Designed :2000
Manufacturer :General Dynamics
Produced :2004
Variants :XM307
Weight :52 lb. (19kg)
Length :61.42 in. (1,560 mm)
Width :9.84 in. (250 mm)
Height :7 in. (180 mm), 18 in. (46 mm) adjustable tripod
Crew :2


Cartridge :12.7 × 99 mm NATO/.50 BMG
Caliber :12.7mm
Action :"Recoil-reducing action" (modified rotating bolt)
Rate of fire :260 rpm (4.3 Hz)
Maximum range :lethal and suppressive to 2000 meters
Feed system ;Belt-fed
Sights :Open, optics may be mounted.

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